ЩО 94 Distribution Switchboards Cubicles and Panels are intended for reception and distribution of three-phase AC with frequency 50 Hz for voltage up to 0.66 kV and protection of outgoing lines from overload and short circuit currents. The ЩО panels are to operate at temperature from -10C to +35С.

According to the ЩО Panels protection level they are manufactured in two versions (the first digit in the panel indication):

1.    open type (protection level IP 00 according to ГОСТ 14254-80, from the front - IP 20);

2.    switchboard type (protection leve IP 20, from the bottom - IP 00).

According to its purpose (second digit in the panel indication):

·         input;

·         sectional;

·         distributive and input-distributive;

·         auxiliary;

·         bus-bar bridges.

The panels are assembled into boards 4 meters long. The dispatcher control, accounting boards, side slabs, enclosing the board from the both sides are auxiliary panels.

Panel indication, the main completing equipment, scheme # are given in tables 2-6. Abbreviations interpretation:

·         Вв. - input;

·         Сек. – sectional;

·         Лин. - linear (of outgoing lines);

·         Гр. – group;

·         Выдв. – telescopic modification;

·         Стац. – stationary modification;

·         ’Руч.пр. – manual drive;

·         ЭМП – electromagnet drive;

·         ЭДП – electromotor drive;

·         Шин.вв. (вых.) – input (output) by a bus-bar;

·         Каб. вв. – cable input;

·         С АВР – АВР presence;

·         ТТ – current transformers.