Manufacturing is one of the major directions of RECTO group and is among the leaders in this area. Moreover, the quality of our production fully matches the ones of Ukrainian, Russian and the region’s other leading energy companies. 


Our company particularly produces and installs the following nomenclature for the products:
1. 6-10 kV transformer substations complex (КТПМ, КТПС, КТПК, КТПГ, КТПГС, КТПБ).
2. 6-10 kV distribution to internal and external cells (КСО -200 and 300 series; КРУН-and ЯКНО-type).
3. 0.4 kV distribution cabinets and lights (ЩО-70; ЩО-90 series).
4. 0.4 kV voltage compensating automatic reactive devices (condenser equipment).
5. 0.4; 6; 10 kV voltage iron - concrete support poles.

High quality of our production is determined by both the high-tech machinery and one group professional team. Our staff visits thematic exhibitions several times a year and gets first-hand acquaintance with energy producers. All these ensure the implementation of quality improvement and innovations in the shortest time available.
To get new, qualitative and comfortable service, the customer should be fully informed and there should be no ambiguous attitude from the customer towards the service of product he is getting;

In order to avoid any misunderstandings between our customers and us, our group demands exact detailed technical information about supplied products. After that, we help the customer to make an optimal choice. Then, the customer fills up a questionnaire order form entailing all exact details. Next step is providing the customer with price offer, manufacturing date, warranty period and all other necessary information. In case of mutual agreement over all details between the parties, they sign an official contract and the client receives the production of the very specification and the quality whatever was agreed before. Those who have ever faced problems at least once because of incorrectly chosen or offered products, admit that these procedures are very important.

RETCO is ready to consult, provide the technical aid and cooperate with even most critical customers for a long period of time. We hope our web-site assists you in making a right choice.