Laboratory is made up with highly qualified staff, who annually take  re-training courses, attend

international exhibitions and seminars in the energy sphere. The laboratory is equipped with modern digital margin of error measuring devices, mobile Laboratory, Which runs an annual metrological control. This minimizes  increases trusts of our clients in us and is authorized to carry out specific works within the competence of the accreditation certificate .
The laboratory is accredited by the “Accreditation Centre” and is authorized to carry out specific works by accreditation certificate in accordance with the specified field.
These directions are:

1. Grounding contour.
2. Power transformers 6/10 kv
3.current transformers 6/10 kv
4. transformers 6/10 kv
5. Safety equipments
6. Transformer oils
7. High-voltage insulated cable.


Our laboratory's goal is to assess and detect any possible failure, damage or expected injuries on electrical equipment and electrical supplies before and after exploitation.

Our laboratory sets oneself as an object to be accredited by the standard of  ISO/IEK 17025:2012 and carry out laboratory testing for electrical machines and equipments.

Laboratory personnel are ready to provide 

high quality service to all interested organizations, both legal or private individuals, provide useful recommendations and answers to all of your questions within their competence.