RETCO group offers several kind of services. As the group grows bigger, services provided by us gets diversified as well. Currently, our team is able to offer you the following services:

1.   0.4, 6, 10 kV voltage network design and technical reports.
2.   0.4, 6, 10 kV voltage electrical equipment for laboratory diagnosis.
3.   0.4 ; 6 ; 10  kv Voltage networks.
4.   grounding contour arrangement
5.   Rehabilitation of deteriorated lines and substations.
6.   04 ; 6 ; 10 kv Voltage networks operation.
7.   Power transformer repairs.
8.   Transformer oil regeneration.
9.   Complex transformer substations lease (rent).
Our group is constantly expanding an electric equipment database, that provides quick and quality customer service. Electric Equipments are  produced by high-qualified companies and their quality fully complies with European norms and standards.