About Us


RECTO group is involved in an electrical energy area. It is comprised of several companies and fully covers all directions of low (0.4 kv) and medium (6-10 kv) voltages. The group has both adequate equipments and machineries for each direction and high qualified professionals with high responsibilities that determines the company’s image and reliability.  


The breakdown of the whole system , in the bad days of our country , electricity was supplied to customers on holidays only, but as a result of the reforms this sphere is regaining its foothold in the country’s economy and in veing . We are thoroughly aware of any possible challenges that may arise during the reshaping period of electrical power industry.


We believe other companies, involved in the same sphere, will agree with us over the importance of realization by the client to follow electrical power rules and regulations to avoid fatal consequences in terms of both human and technical losses, often caused by carelessness. All the above-mentioned and many other factors as well, frequently causes some misunderstandings between the customer and contractor.


We fully realize all above-mentioned problems and are ready to give our humble contribution to developing this area and be responsible to the fullest.


The RECTO group is always in constant process of self-innovation and improvement. We instantly share our fresh experiences with our colleagues in order to quickly approach world standards of the customer-contractor relations with equal rights and responsibilities.


One may come to think all the above mentioned facts being exaggerated, therefore let us present you some works and services we implemented by us. In subchapters below you will be able to get familiar with our capabilities and build up your personal opinion on our competence in this area.  


Hopefully, we managed to briefly inform you about our company. For further details please, visit our web-site and ECTO group will always be happy to cooperate with you.